Where Fun Learning In Water Begins 

Class size: 5 maximum. Average class size = 3

These classes are for those who can hold their floats independently, and swim front and back paddle with no aids and some technique.

The students in these classes will need an assessment or taster class to ensure the lesson is suitable for the child as each lesson is designed for specific stages of getting the child confident and independent so they can move to an intermediate class.

These classes focus on encouragement to continue to grow confidence in their own ability so introducing stages more gradually and focusing on finessing the basics for them to be able build the more complex skills up on when they move up. The youngest age for this group is 3yrs

3 year olds

Please note although some 3 yr olds will be capable enough for this class especially if they have been with us since tiny but it is if they are mature enough for a weak swimmer group as their safety is paramount the group size will be 3:1 ratio for 3 year olds in a weak swimmer group.

Some will go through fazes when things change like moving house or having a new baby this may cause a natural regression. We go with the flow with this regression as they are still little and this major change will mean they wont regress skills wise but may need your encouragement in the water again whilst they rebuild the confidence lost due to this outside change.