Where Fun Learning In Water Begins 

Call07970694358 Email: littlestarsinfo@emilyfrances.co.uk

Lessons held at:

Cawood Park, Ryther Road, Cawood, Selby, YO8 3TT

Sunday 12pm-4pm 

Monday to Thursday 9:20am-5:20pm 

Friday 9:20am-6:45pm

There is a car park upon entering Cawood Park where there is parking for up to 20 cars plus an over flow car park across the road a short walk away. This venue has disabled changing room/toilet and qualified instructors to assist those who need it in to the pool.

Please sign in at reception and the pool is just through a door to your left. There is an area to remove your shoes before entering the changing area. For those watching to not wish to remove their shoes there are shoe covers available.

As the changing area goes straight to the pool there is a gate to stop any roaming toddlers from running straight through. 

The disabled toilet is located to the right before going through the gate. There are two rinse only showers that should be used prior entering the pool and after exiting the pool.

Long hair needs to be tied up, all jewellery such asear rings and necklaces removed prior entering the water.

There are two private changing rooms, two nappy changing tables for under 12 months and a play pen.

The pool is 5mx10m with a depth of 1.2m through out. A pool platform is used to bring the pool depth to 70cm and 55cm in an area big enough for 5 kids.
There is a seating area for observers on pool side but please note there are classes going on so please keep chatting to a minimum so the children can listen to the teacher.