Where Fun Learning In Water Begins 

Beginner Swimming Lessons

Class size: 6 maximum. Average class size = 5

Swimming should be fun and progressive without continuous restraint from armbands and with you at their side supporting them throughout their lesson, until they are ready and can swim happily unaided, their swimming experience will be just that. 

We use games through out our classes to keep them active, develop their confidence and technique through out the lesson. Encouraging children who did not want to join in, get in the pool and enjoy themselves.

Parent comment:
"I am extremely pleased with how A* is progressing with his swimming. His confidence in the water has greatly improved this is all down to the fun learning environment Emily provides along with the much needed parent participation in Iessons along with the small group sizes."

Why we get parents involved

Good Reasons To Assist Non-Swimmers 

1. Close support can give non-swimmers a confidence boost decreasing the length it will take them to learn to swim.

2. The slip stream created by walking in front of them can assist in them starting to feel independent swimming early.

3. They can continuously swim and aren't waiting around to go one at a time. 

4. They get 1:1 attention from you so they have to pay attention and you can remind what to do them if they struggle in this area.

5. If they have any special needs or 'disabilities' all classes are inclusive.

6. Your child will not wear restraining arm bands this will ensure they learn to swim quickly as they feel the water better without the arm bands or disks.

If you cannot assist because you have another child or illness your child will be given the appropriate swimming aids and assisted when possible.

"I'm glad that we persevered with the lessons. He looks forward to swimming now and has grown in confidence."

For Availability Please email: littlestarsinfo@emilyfrances.co.uk

What swim scheme do we use?

For school aged non/weak swimmers we use the Stanley and Octopus series from the STA Learn to Swim scheme for school children it is a gradual scheme meaning many complete one stage out of the three stages that make up the series after a full term or two terms of lessons (around 12-24 weeks) however this does vary for every child.

How do you monitor progress?

Progress is monitored every lesson and when you come to your next class there will generally be at least one new star for your little one to stamp.

How do I get more information about the course?

If you need any more information about the course please email: littlestarsinfo@emilyfrances.co.uk