Where Fun Learning In Water Begins 

Classes for all ages and abilities. Every disability is different and some parents feel they would like their child to attend group classes and some parents prefer a 1:1 class these will be offered at a slight discount if it is very unlikely the child would cope in a group class environment.

Group classes- if you would like your little one to attend a group class but nervous about if it would suit your child long term you are welcome to do a trail group class these are the cost of 1 class if required there will be adaptations for your child. Drop in sessions are available at Cawood Park this warm quiet venue and as you can come visit the venue before the classes start ideal for any children who struggle in new settings however a routine is essential with majority of those that struggle so will only be offered on a short term basis. Please email littlestarsinfo@emilyfrances.co.uk to book as they will only be space for up to 4 children in these classes and they are £8.40 per session.

Some disabilities come with health conditions some may need doctors approval. Please let me know any adaptations needed for your child's classes such as they may need a swim nappy and swim nappy cover, wet suit, or assistance in to the pool.