Where Fun Learning In Water Begins 

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When are they running? Baby classes are running Monday to Friday mornings and Sunday afternoon at Cawood Park and Wednesday late morning/early afternoon and Sunday morning at Willow Lodge. Baby lead classes are the foundations of every lesson and gaining a trusting, loving bond with their parents or grandparents supporting them in the water.

Health Benefits: Swimming allows your little one to move long before they are able to crawl or walk. This contributes to sound and motor development and improves the function of skeletal muscles. German researchers have shown that early swimmers perform better on tests measuring; social, academic, motor and personality developments.

Babies who develop their swimming abilities are often more alert for their age, with a better eating and sleeping pattern. Additionally just as in adults, swimming improves their cardio- respiratory function and their general health.

The Lessons: Baby and toddler lessons are fun with songs and actions helping your little one gain confidence in the water, working at their pace letting them self submerge when both mum and baby are ready. The first few classes are focused on parent and baby bonding how to hold baby, look for cues as to how they are feeling and how to adjust your holds to help them relax feel safe and enjoy the water together.

Development: When you and baby become more capable and happy in the water you could learn to swim with them. Willow Lodge is a deeper pool so swimming with baby will be a key element of some of the classes here as swimming with your little one helps them feel the water and try to copy you swimming. At Cawood Park it is a 1.2m depth throughout so less confident swimmers may prefer this pool. At around 18mths if they have been with us since 3months they will be ready to move up to a preschool class.

N* was really unsure at first but now he loves his swimming lessons. Emily's great at making them appeal to little ones with songs and games and his confidence in the water is great now.

Like us babies start to loose their development in swimming when you stop taking them regularly so I have ensured all my group classes for all the ages are the same rate to encourage you to keep up the hard work and progress.

The STStarfish swim scheme scheme is used until they have passed Level 5 then they move on to the Stanley levels. We monitor progress every lesson but focus more on your babies needs and their development stage as they always come first.

STA Certificates are available for £2.50 if they have passed the level they are working towards.

Every baby is different some need 1:1 sessions initially to help you bond and relax in the water if you would like to share your private session so it becomes a 2:1 with a friend so you can have a relaxing time together please let me know. This will help those with babies who are nervous and sensitive to new experiences. In time these babies become ready to join a group class and at that time we will let you know.

We put your little one first, yes we do have to charge for our time but we only enjoy our job if you are enjoying our lessons and if there is any thing you would like to inquire about to make your experience better for the classes please let us know. 

How do I get more information about the course?

please email: littlestarsinfo@emilyfrances.co.uk